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Telekom Electronic Beats Hungary’s first triple compilation album released full of local talents

Out on all digital platforms, embracing three different genres: fresh pop music, club tunes and experimental electronica.

The team of Telekom Electronic Beats Hungary have always been supportive of local talents and never lost sight of this mission even in these tough times when coronavirus turned the whole world on its head. So we decided to look for Hungary’s most creative music producers, including those who had not yet been able to break through the wall of attention but definitely deserved it – and we similarly wanted to give way to well-known electronic musicians left without performances due to stalled cultural life.

Accordingly, at the end of spring Hungarian producers from the country and beyond were invited to apply for a compilation with their tracks written in the quarantine era. The initiative generated a great deal of interest: in the end, a total of more than 600 applications were received.

In addition to the Hungarian team of Telekom Electronic Beats, music journalist Dávid Sajó (“Popping” category), Technokunst and Aktrecords founder Isu (“Clubbing” category) and Erik Kolbenheyer (“Experimenting” category) from the acclaimed record label EXILES were also part of the jury, which evaluated and debated over the entries for many days. Finally, three full-fledged records were put together with 30+1 tracks, which show where Hungary’s electronic music is currently at the moment.

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One of the winners, emerging singer-songwriter Franciskadalma won a special MagentaKraft award in the form of a drum machine and a mastering workshop, and another, the 20 year old pop-trap golden boy FŐZELAKE got his very first professional music video that brings his song, Melankólia Club to life – a surreal one, directed by Sebastien Praznóczy.

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Moreover, ten contestants received free training at the local imPro School of Music. And, to our great surprise, the community also activated itself: contestants started discussing and listening to each other’s submitted music in a Facebook group.

At the same time, the original goal of the project was achieved: to bring enthusiastic amateurs to a common platform with professional artists, thus proclaiming that togetherness and supporting each other is more important than anything else in these special months.

Find the Telekom Electronic Beats x Selected Sounds Label triple compilation on these platforms:

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XPERIMENTING 👉 Spotify / SoundCloud / Deezer / Google Play / Apple Music / Bandcamp / Youtube

Published August 16, 2020.