Since 2000, Deutsche Telekom has set the standard for international music & lifestyle content marketing with Electronic Beats. Initially formed purely as music marketing, the program now embraces the evident and strong connection between music and other lifestyle areas such as design, tech, fashion and art. EB’s persistent creativity and style-leading content embodies the youthful avant-garde lifestyle and feel of digital natives and urban early adopters between 18 and 34 years. EB owns an innovative media portfolio. The website offers deep-rooted quality journalism with both short and long reads. EB.TV and EB Radio bring their followers in-depth interviews, exclusively compiled DJ mixes, concert footage, live streams and much more, covering pioneers, all-stars and newcomers in the electronic music scene. EB.TV and EB.Radio are accessible via as well as through EB’s Mixcloud and YouTube channels. Active in all Telekom markets, EB produces its own festival series and live events all across Europe, creating memorable music and lifestyle experiences while serving as a platform for innovative Telekom products and services.