Electronic Beats Hungary

Felhasználási feltételek

Terms and conditions of participation in the ELECTRONIC BEATS

1. Technical requirements:

Technical requirement is a state-of-the art version of an Internet browsers widely available on the market. To be able to use all functionalities, Javascript and cookies must be activated.

2. Standard services of Deutsche Telekom:

Deutsche Telekom AG, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, 53113 Bonn (hereinafter referred to as “Deutsche Telekom”) organizes a wide variety of competitions via the Electronic Beats portal (which you can currently access at HYPERLINK “http://www.electronicbeats.net” www.electronicbeats.net) or via one of the Electronic Beats social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). These competitions shall be subject to competition terms and conditions, which shall be available by accessing the respective competition site. For each competition, information will be provided on the prizes to be won, additional terms and conditions of participation, closing dates, draws and announcements of winners, etc.

3. Preconditions for use:

Registration for the competition is free of charge and done via the portal, via a newsletter and/or via one of the Electronic Beats social media sites. To participate the participants must comply with the terms and conditions set out on the respective social media site and / or they must register on the competition site by entering their own name and e-mail address and clicking on the “send” button. Registering for the competition shall not entail any commitment, nor does it require a participant to use any service or to consent to any promotional action. By registering for a competition, the participant agrees to the rules of that competition.

4. Eligible participants:

The Electronic Beats portal and the social media channels are accessible by any user of the Internet. Legal representatives and employees of Deutsche Telekom and other organizations connected with the competition, as well as the immediate family members of such people, shall not be eligible to participate in the competitions. Any violation of the rules shall nullify any entitlement to any award or prizes. Minors may participate in competitions only with the consent of their legal representative.

5. Time frame and cancellation:

Each competition shall run until the time indicated on the portal, in the newsletter and / or on the Electronic Beats social media site. Deutsche Telekom shall reserve the right to stop or cancel any competition without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Such circumstances shall include in particular situations where the competition cannot be run as planned due to faults in the software or hardware, or for any other technical or legal reason that may affect the regular and orderly conduct of the competition.

6. Selection of prize winners:

Unless otherwise indicated, the winners will be selected by lottery from among all eligible participants and all participants who have declared their participation within the time frame defined for the relevant competition.

7. Notification of prize winners:

Unless specified otherwise, the prize winners shall be notified by e-mail using the e-mail address indicated by each winner. Within a period of two months from the time of notification of the winner, the prize winner must provide Deutsche Telekom with a postal address to which the prize may be sent. If the winner does not send such information, their entitlement to the prize shall lapse.

8. Prizes:

Prizes shall not be transferable and cannot be exchanged. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

9. Publication:

Where any image, video and/or text material (hereinafter referred to as “material”) has been used by the participant, that participant shall guarantee that he or she is entitled and authorized to use that material. In addition, the participant shall guarantee that he or she possesses all rights required to use that material in the context of the competition and/or all rights required for its presentation in the competition. In particular, the participant shall guarantee that he or she has complied to usage rights, copyrights, and any related rights. The participant shall also guarantee that the material he or she uses does not give rise to any complaints and that it does not violate any applicable law.
The participant shall also grant Deutsche Telekom a non-exclusive, worldwide, unlimited in time and as to the quantity of data called up right to use the material sent in by that participant entirely in the context of the competition and/or in the presentation of that competition on all Deutsche Telekom websites and social media channels, permitting them to make the material available to any user of the websites and/or social media channels. The material may be combined with other works and modified and/or processed.
Should any claim be made on the material against Deutsche Telekom, the participant shall indemnify Deutsche Telekom from such claims, provide Deutsche Telekom with the necessary support for legal defense and assume any costs arising from Telekom’s legal defense.
The participant shall recognize that the decision on whether or not to publish the material in the context of the competition shall be at the sole discretion of Deutsche Telekom. In addition to this, the participant will refrain from claiming any payment in exchange for his or her provision of the material, on whatever legal basis.

10. Handling personal data:

Participants in the competition shall hereby give their consent that all prize winners’ names and cities of residence may be published when announcing the results of a competition. The data protection regulations of Deutsche Telekom shall apply in addition to these terms and conditions of participation.

11. Rules of conduct/Exclusion from participation:

There shall be no entitlement to participate in any competition. Deutsche Telekom shall have the right to exclude any participant from a competition immediately with good cause. Such good cause shall apply especially in the case of any violation of these terms and conditions of participation or in the case of any successful or attempted manipulation of the competitions or attempt at disruption of or influence on the orderly conduct of the competition. This shall include any threat to or harassment of employees of Deutsche Telekom, of other participants or any other third party.

12. Responsible parties:

All questions, comments and complaints regarding the competition must be directed exclusively to Deutsche Telekom, and not to any third party – including, for example, the Electronic Beats social media. Any promotion carried out via any Electronic Beats’ social media channels shall not have any connection with such channels, and shall not be sponsored, supported or organized by these social media channels in any way.

13. Miscellaneous:

There is no right of appeal. These terms and conditions of participation shall be exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Deutsche Telekom AG – as of November 2015